Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Book cover!

After much agonizing, I finally decided on a book cover. I'm waiting to hear back from Cathy, and once I do I'll be able to unveil it! Very exciting. Now the real promotional work can begin!

I need to redo .... wait, what? I have no idea. I thought of something else in the middle of that sentence and forgot what I was saying. Squirrel!

Oh, I remember. I need to redo the blog to reflect the book cover design at least somewhat. I tossed the Robin McQuay girl pic up there just to have something, but now I want it to tie in.

I finished the rewrites, but I haven't put them in yet. My 30 day free trial of Word expired, as I mentioned last time, and I've been too lazy to get on the old PC to do the Word edits side-by-side with the Pages. I'm off tomorrow, so I should be able to get it done then.

So what's left? A promotional blitz heading into the next two weeks leading up to the on-sale date. I've offered to do reviews for some authors in the hopes that they'll review me in turn. That'd be nice, right?

Work's been insane, but I've tried to make brain time for the book. It's important to me, and I want it to be the best it can be. I read that self-publishing was hard work, but I didn't realize it would be THIS hard!!


Joe Lambertz said...

So when does Meg's Journey into Hentaiville coming out? Going to be on the New York Times bestseller list next to Hunger Games 2: Hunger Harder...

Also...how can I prove that I'm not a robot when I am?

Joe Lambertz said...

And......obviously my grammar plugin wasn't installed...