Friday, June 1, 2012

Book Cover 2: Electric Bugaloo

Aaaaaand we're off! Cathy and I finalized a book cover design, I've created an Author Facebook page, I've started begging the world for reviews.... It's not easy for me to put myself out there this much. I'm a blend-into-the-background sort of person most of the time, and I like it that way. Now I'm standing in a crowded room shouting at people. It's strange, but hopefully it'll pay off in the end.

What's that? You wanna see the book cover? Well...since you asked so nicely, dear blogledites! Here it is:

Lovely, isn't it? I think so. That guy looks very much like Jason.

So now I've got the final edits done (for REAL), I've got it looking all polished and snazzy for Smashwords, Nook, and what's next? Well. On Monday I'll hit that little "Publish" button on Smashwords and it'll be for sale there. I'll upload it to Nook and Kindle, and it'll go on sale within 24 or so hours there. Exciting, right?! All this work, and it's finally here!

Check out my author Facebook page, if'n ya want to:!

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