Tuesday, June 5, 2012

TODAY is the DAY!

Huzzah, dear blogledites! I've been working on "my first book" in one form or another since I was 14. Finally, today, it's available for YOU and all your friends to purchase.  :)

You have several options...

Smashwords lets you download in any format you choose, including epub (for iPad or Nook) or mobi (for Kindle), plus others.

Amazon is pretty self-explanatory. If you have a Kindle or the Kindle app on iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, or PC, you can get it here.

Barnes & Noble is also pretty clear. If you own a Nook or have the Nook app on iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, or PC, you can buy that version here.

And if you wanna learn about puffer fish, go here.

The best part? No matter where you buy it, it's only $2.99! Even I could afford that, and I'm po'. That's poorer than poor, kids.

It will be in the iBook store, but that will take a few weeks. I'll keep you updated on when that happens. In the meantime, go ahead and grab it somewhere else, give it a read, and if you don't mind posting a review that'd be awesome and wonderful.  :)

Thanks, dear blogledites!

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